2017 is over and I am sure many business owners like myself, will be reflecting
on their past year in business. However, it is just as important to look forward to
the year ahead and set business goals for the future.

January can be a strange month for many businesses and if you are anything like
me then you will have entered 2018 with the feeling of “this is my year!” That is
hopefully for the case for us all and my 2018 plans are to help other small
businesses and individuals like myself realise their potential through

I have set myself quite a challenge for the year by holding 16 intensive 1-day
Beginner’s Photography Courses across 2018. This means that I have 160 spaces
to fill with keen to learn individuals. You might think I am a little crazy however
after the success of my courses in 2017, I have found a new love for sharing my
knowledge and skills with others who are genuinely interested to listen. After
receiving fantastic testimonials about the course, it prompted me to take the next
step and ensure that no one misses out in 2018.

food product photography

Although these courses are not specifically aimed at business owners, many of
my past students have owned a small business and were keen to replicate the
skills they had learnt during the day within their business. I have put together a
simple 3-step process to help you get the most from your camera.

If you do not own a camera but you are keen to make 2018 your best year in
business then fear not! Your business brand and image can be transformed with
photography. This may seem a rather bold statement but having now worked
with over 100 businesses and witnessed the transformation that professional
Meet The Team and website photography packages can do – it is hard not to feel
a little confident!

food product photography

So why not turn January on its head and make it your most productive business
decision month. Don’t just take my word for it; visit my commercial photography
portfolio to see the potential for yourself!

S.S x