People often say to us “I love your marketing and social media, how do you do it?”  This is always great compliment to receive but our response is always the same “ All we do is stay consistent and appear frequently!” It really is as simple as that. 

The thought of attempting to build an online brand reputation is something that sends shivers down business owner’s spines. People invest thousands with marketing companies, which we are not against, but quite often building the foundation of a sustainable brand is simple. 

Consistency is key and our photography packages are built around this philosophy. If you take a look at the Sophie Skipper Photography brand on our socials and website, you will see elements that remain the same across all channels. This is exactly what our commercial photography packages offer to businesses. 

Whether you want to refresh your corporate staff photography or you are looking to add video guides and demonstrations to your website, we are here to help. 

We work alongside your existing branding to assist you in building a strong brand identity across all of your digital platforms. We achieve this by giving you a style that can be replicated throughout all of your marketing material. 

We work closely with business owners and marketing managers to understand the long-term goals and aspirations for their marketing and branding. Let’s take a local accountancy firm as an example. They inform us that they want to build their younger clientele portfolio and work with more start up businesses. Not a problem!

We produce photography that is bright, eye-catching and ultra modern. We use quirky props to incorporate a touch of humour into their profession. Alongside this, we showcase the staff enjoying their time in the office.

These are all factors that engage our subconscious into thinking certain positive connotations. 

This photography package provided the accountancy firm with 30 new images that they can use across their website, social media and any new advertising material. 

So before you begin to spiral into a whirlpool of panic about your marketing and branding, give us a call and we will be delighted to have a chat about your commercial photography needs.