What is Commercial Photography?

Over the past 18 months I have worked with many amazing businesses to help bring their brand and services to life using commercial photography. So, what exactly is Commercial Photography? Well the term itself covers a wide variety of subject matter however, it is generally anything that is intended for business usage. This can range from delicious food photography, polished product photgraphy to engaging staff headshots.

Many business owners, particularly individuals in the trade, believe that commercial photography is not something they need or want because they do not offer a ‘pretty’ product or service – oh how wrong they are! Providing a clear visual representation of the service or product that you offer is essential in the current market. The human brain is much more adept to absorbing visual content and there is no denying that we all love a bright and inviting picture! Look at some of these amazing statistics below, taken from vennage.com, that highlight the value of having beautiful visual content for your business:

Orton & Wenlock

One business who could see the benefits was a local family run business, Orton & Wenlock, who are electrical contractors specialising in P.V Solar Panel installations. All I needed was their van, themselves and a couple of tools to achieve some beautifully bright and colourful images.

Commercial photography

Images like the one above are so crucial for a business such as Orton & Wenlock who pride themselves on being a family run business with over 40 years experience. Immediately their customers can engage with their brand and relate to their ethos and brand values. As you can see from the image below, it was not too difficult to get some bright and colourful shots to represent their brand. Allowing your customers to see images of your vehicles, equipment and machinery is a great way of boosting their confidence in your brand.

commercial van photography

Before I finish this blog, it seemed rather fitting to share with you the largest Meet The Team package I have ever done for the lovely guys at Cecil & Larter. What do you think?

meet the team photography

Take a look at all of the amazing businesses I have had the privilege of providing commercial photography for here. If you would like to engage with your customers and show off your personality then please do get in touch: info@sophieskipper.co.uk.

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