In the last 10 years, the way we capture photographs has changed dramatically and taking your disposable camera to the photo developers is a thing of the past. Along with everything else, photos are now more digital than ever and with the incredible advances with camera phones we now have the ability to capture any moment and anytime. So why would anyone bother investing in a rather expensive DSLR camera?

There are many reasons and in my personal opinion it is impossible to compare a phone camera to a DSLR but I have always appreciated why people ask the question. So I am taking the time out to deliver some answers to that burning question:

Interchangeable Lens

A camera phone has a built in lens that is perfect for convenience but not so perfect when it comes to capturing the best quality photo. A DSLR enables you to interchange the lens for different situations, which means that you will always be equipped to capture the best quality photograph no matter what the dimensions, focal length or depth.


I believe this is one of the best things about a DSLR or any digital camera with manual settings for that matter! It is so important to have control over your photography and although you may be able to take a great picture on your camera phone do you know how you got that amazing photo? A DSLR enables you to adjust the 3 key settings that are required to understand your photography; aperture, shutter speed and ISO. The ability to adjust these allows you to learn the best settings for each different setting.

A Skilled Tool

A photographer is just like a painter with their brush and a musician with their instrument. They cannot do their job without their tool and the two compliment each other to produce beautiful photography. The photographer is nothing without the camera and the camera cannot deliver quality photos without the photographer having the knowledge and skills of how to use it. A DSLR gives you complete control over the equipment and being armed with the knowledge of the 3 key settings allows you to capture a vaster range of quality images than any camera phone would allow.

Camera phones are one of the most amazing inventions of our time and it has allowed us to capture so many memories that would have been previously missed. However, for those special moments and in particular, commercial photography, a DSLR is essential.

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