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When you hear the words brand and brand identity you may turn your mind to
logos and graphic design. However, there is much more to a brand than just
the logo and maintaining brand consistency is crucial to create a strong
message for your audience.

Commercial photography is a means by which companies communicate their
personality, uniqueness and professionalism to customers and understanding
the value of this could help your business to appeal to a wider audience. In
the past, commercial photography was limited to black and white corporate
images of professionals smiling or hand shaking with one another in business

However, in the fast paced competitive world of business today, it is becoming
increasingly apparent for the need for unique and stand out photography. My
commercial photography packages are intended to create a personality for
your business and provide consistency throughout your website, any
marketing material that represents your business and importantly for todays
society, your social media channels.

Product Photography

This is all about branding a company in the minds and hearts of customers,
demonstrating a personal side of the business that not only creates a
connection with customers, but also differentiates the company from the

My Meet The Team packages are centred on your business and consist of
individual headshots that may include prop. Be prepared to get stuck in and
have some fun!

Product Photography

Building on the importance of brand identity, I am now offering commercial
photography packages that include meet the team headshots but also
photography for your website and further marketing material. This can range
from pictures of your office premises, vehicles, staff in their working
environment and any photography that can represent your business.

Building a brand with photography involves creating desire, being
consistent, being distinctive, reflecting the personality of the brand, and
showing products clearly and accurately. If you are looking to maximise
your business potential through commercial photography then do get in
touch to find out how.

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