There are many different types of photography that fall into the ‘commercial’ bracket. Here’s a brief overview of some of the main categories of commercial photography and why you need them!

Food Photography

Quite a self-explanatory title but this really is an essential package for any business that sells food of any kind. We have worked closely with several boutique hotels and restaurant chains but this is particularly beneficial for any food and drink businesses that advertises on Instagram (or would like to!).

Meet The Team Photography

I’m sure you have all seen those black and white corporate photos that make every member of staff look like they are part of a horror film production! Yes we said it! 

This is where our creative flare is most apparent. Showcasing personality through the lens of a camera is what we do best! Everyone has a unique personality, so why should all staff photography look the same? And, before you say it, yes it can be both fun and professional! Take a look at our vibrant headshots below:

Website Photography

This is a key part to any marketing mix. Our website photography package completely kits businesses out with everything they need to sell, communicate and build brand awareness online. 

This includes, social media photography to help bulk out those digital content ideas. Also, website photography to provide a visual experience as well as factual within your website. 

Product Photography

An absolute ‘must’ for any e-commerce business! Having quality product photography, whether it is lifestyle or white web, is essential to assist your marketing efforts. 

It takes just 2 seconds for a consumer to form an opinion on a brand or business and we are sure you can work out which way they sway when they see product photography taken on a phone! 

Have you been sat reading this blog with an increasing feeling of guilt?

Have you committed a commercial photography crime?

If you have a business that is represented online and you would like to increase sales and build your brand then get in touch today.