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Welcome to Sophie Skipper Photography!

Not sure about something? You should find the answer below… If not, simply drop us a message via our Contact page and we’ll be in touch!

Who edits the photos?

All of the photos taken by Sophie Skipper Photography are edited in-house by Sophie or a member of her team. We take great pride and care in this part of our work… the edit is just as important as the shoot in our opinion!

What locations do you cover?

We work primarily in London and Essex, however we have undergone commissions all over the UK. We are not limited geographically, so please do get in touch even if you’re based a little further away! 

Do you offer videography?

We do indeed offer videography. Our primary video service is our Vlogging Package – a super fun and accessible video blogging service for businesses and brands! We’ve created a monthly package to suit your video marketing needs and it’s affordable… check it out via the Vlogging Page.

Do you have a studio?

Yep! We are based in Colchester, Essex. Our studio is in the town centre and you can find details of our address via Google or on our Contact Page… come by and say hello!

What's the turn around time for the images after our photo shoot?

Turn around times can vary, depending on the size of the shoot. However, we aim to get all photos back to our clients within 10 days of the shoot taking place. We will give you an edit date once you shoot has been completed and you’ll be kept in the loop throughout the whole process… you’ll also get to see a sneak peek of your edit a few days after the shoot so you’ll have a good idea of the final results!

Who retains the copyright to the images?

Sophie Skipper Photography retains the copyright for all their photographs, however, our clients are given licensing rights to use the images for their own personal/business use, online or in print. This is how nearly all professional photographers work, but can be a little confusing if you’re new to the industry. Do feel free to email us with questions on this and we can give you a more detailed explanation!

What type of photographer are you?

We are a Commercial Photography company. We nearly always work within B2B relationships, and provide imagery that helps our clients drastically improve their marketing and brand identity. Commercial Photography is an umbrella for a number of areas, such as team head shots, products, food, website imagery, interiors etc. 

What makes Sophie Skipper Photography different from other photographers?

Sophie Skipper Photography was born from a desire to change the face of Commercial Photography for SME’s. We noticed that so many businesses were hiring a professional photographer and leaving with nothing more than dull and very corporate-looking imagery… we believed this needed to change so we set about on our mission to do so! You will notice that our work is super vibrant, colourful, energetic and totally personality driven. We make your photography all about YOU and your team, brand, vision and values. Professional photos does NOT = Boring photos. 

Secondly, we cost our jobs differently to a lot of our competitors. Our clients are quoted with an upfront cost that includes the photo-shoot, the post production AND all of the high res edited images. This is important, as you’ll find a lot of professional photographers will charge the client post-shoot to buy the image rights from them… this is not what we’re about. We’ll even throw in extra edited images for you if we believe they are going to be of value to you, for NO additional charge.

Who chooses what images are edited?

We are experts in imagery here, so we select the images that are edited for the final set. We know what works and we’ve got plenty of experience in this area.

On another note, logistically it is incredibly difficult for the client to select the images, as on average we will take approximately 2000 images in a 1-day shoot and as you can imagine, going through this amount of files takes some serious time and it’s part of what you’re paying us for. Despite this, if our clients want to see alternative options after the edit has been completed we’re happy to oblige here within a reasonable parameter.