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It is hard to believe 2017 is coming to an end and Christmas is fast approaching. This is such an exciting time on a personal level for many people but it is equally as exciting for businesses, especially if you are a product based business with festive lines.


Christmas is a fantastic marketing tool for many businesses; in fact I would go as far as saying all businesses! It is a period of time where the general public are willing to spend more than their usual monthly budget and all businesses should take advantage of this with their branding and photography.


If you have even slightly considered that you may need to update and refresh your current commercial photography then now is the time to do so. Festive photography can work for both product and service based businesses in their own unique ways:

Product Based Festive Commercial Photography

Product Photography

If you sell ANY kind of product then this is the biggest chance to refresh your photography and to give your sales a boost, no matter what the industry. Adding simple things such as tinsel, fairy lights or even Christmas hats on your products instantly creates a human connection with your consumers.


If you sell anything in the home ware or interiors industry then this is quite possibly the best marketing opportunity to take advantage of. Putting your products in a Christmas home setting allows your consumers to envisage your products in their own setting.

Product Photography

Service Based Festive Commercial Photography

You may be wondering how you can possibly take advantage of festive commercial photography with the lack of a physical product. There are many ways!

People love to see behind the scenes so having professional photography of your office with the Christmas decorations up is a fantastic way of connecting on a more personal level.

Why not have some festive and fun headshots of you and your team to showcase the personality behind your business. You can take this one step further and collate these photos into a calendar to send out to your clients as a Christmas thank you!

Hiring a professional photographer for your business Christmas meal is an amazing way to showcase your business ethos and the bond between colleagues by sharing these photos with your clients.

The list of festive commercial photography options is endless and it truly is one of the most powerful times to connect with your consumers. If you would like to take advantage of this then do not hesitate to contact me to find out more.