Commercial Photography

I am currently sat in the glorious sunshine in Whitestone, Cornwall next to a bubbling hot tub and yes this is work! You would think that having to travel 6 hours for work would be a slight negative but not when you arrive to such a stunning location.

Over the past 3 months I have been working with The Dream Lodge Group to providing them with commercial photography, travelling around the south and south east of England and there have been quite a few firsts that I wanted to share with you:

My First Nationwide Project


I am very used to travelling for my work, especially commercial photography, and believe it or not I actually enjoy driving! It provides me with that rare time where I can sit and reflect on the day and think about new ideas for the business. The downside of all of this thinking time is that I usually have to make a rather speedy beeline for my notepad when I get out of the car, to make sure none of those valuable/crazy ideas are forgotten.

However, this project was a little more travelling than what I was used to, covering over 700 miles and having overnight stays at various locations. I was a little apprehensive, being the first project of this scale, but I absolutely loved it! It was a pleasure being able to visit so many different parts of the UK and seeing the stunning lodge parks.

Commercial photography

My First Overnight Stay Project


Having to photograph locations as far as Cornwall meant that it was not feasible for me to travel there and back in 1 day. This was a real treat as these lodges are simply beautiful. Being given the opportunity to stay in one of their finest lodges, I truly felt it would be rude not to give my review on the hot tub too, which might I add is sensational!

Being able to see the lodge parks around the clock allowed me to capture photos in different lighting and atmospheres.

hotel commercial photography

My First Multiple Location Shoot


The Dream Lodges Group have over 8 locations in the south and south east of England. All locations needed their photography updating and I was truly grateful to be the chosen individual for the job. 

Having different shoots at different times and in multiple locations meant that I had to have dedicated days and times for each edit to ensure they were all completed in time.

Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat!

It has opened a door of commercial photography business to me that I never even realised I had closed. I am now on a mission to build my nationwide commercial photography portfolio and I would love to include restaurant and hotel chains.

Have you had any business firsts recently? I would really love to hear them.

SS x