Food Photography at The Beth Chatto Gardens

vegan chocolate cake beth chatto gardens


Why bother with Food Photography? Well think about this… you walk up to a local restaurant known for it’s high-end price tags, and stuck in the window is a poorly photographed, poorly printed and poorly presented photo of a £25 steak meal… you’re probably going to think twice about stepping into that restaurant!

Then… have a think about how many times you’ve been driving along the motorway, and you spot that McDonald’s sign and that hot steamy, well-lit burger and chips. You know it’s bad for you, you know you’ll almost definitely regret it, yet that photography just draws you in. It’s clever marketing, and just shows the power of a captivating image.



vegan chocolate cake beth chatto gardens



The team at Beth Chatto have put together an amazing range of yummy delicious treats, from a variety of stunning cakes, to a range of canope’s for every event. I even got a taste of their brand new vegan chocolate cake, which was sensational! And almost guilt-free 😉


vegan chocolate cake beth chatto gardens
cream tea beth chatto gardens



They offer cream tea, prosecco, stacks of sandwiches, cakes, platters. It was almost too much too handle! I would highly recommend heading over to Beth Chatto gardens for your event, an afternoon with the girls, or even a spot of breakfast which can be enjoyed overlooking the beautiful gravel gardens 🙂



vegetable platter beth chatto gardens food photography colchester
canope beth chatto gardens event colchester food photography