food product photography

This week I have decided to focus my blog around another side to my business – product photography. One of my favourite things about photographing beautiful products and delicious food is being able to showcase them at their very best.

My Stand Out Product Photography Shoot

When I started my business, I had a real focus on the commercial side of photography and product photography was something that I was really keen to get stuck into. You may have every faith in your product and it may be incredible but if your website is offering poor photography then it will never get a chance to prove itself.

I have worked with a vast range of businesses offering product photography but there is one in particular that has stuck with me and I think you may see why!

Product Photography

Secure Haven Funeral Directors approached me in need of some product photography for their new brochure and exhibitions. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous at how I could approach this best without comprising on their message and ethos.

Well, the worry was all for nothing as they could not have been a nicer company to photograph for and their products are simply stunning. My aim was to show off the superior quality of these beautiful urns and their amazing USP of being biodegradable and environmentally friendly. I was extremely pleased with the outcome…

It was a real eye opener into how it is possible to make the journey of saying goodbye to someone a lot less painful.

The Importance Of Food Photography

Twenty years ago the decision on deciding where to eat was a lot simpler than it is today. We would take a friends recommendation or perhaps just go to the closest restaurant. Today, thanks to Internet, we scrutinise every restaurant and café from many angles before even stepping in the door.

Websites and social media sites such as Tripadvisor, Tripsavvy and Facebook mean that restaurants and cafes have to be visually delicious too – that is where I come in!

We taste with our eyes too and I make extra effort to bring out every detail and colour in my food photography. My mission is to make you drool just by looking at the picture! I am always learning things along my journey as a photographer and one thing I have learnt to love and prefer is lifestyle food photography. I believe taking a picture of the food in its restaurant or café setting creates a much warmer and inviting image.

If you are a business owner then I have set you a challenge – go to your website or brochure and choose 3 product photographs that you believe sell your business the best. If you struggle then get in touch!