When you think of photography, what image springs to mind? Perhaps it’s beautiful those catwalk models or a stunning white wedding?

Well, we like to think a little more outside the box, or perhaps we should say, a little more inside the commercial photography box.

We are a photography business with a twist. Offering commercial photography to ambitious businesses looking to bring personality to their services and brand. 

One of our favourite packages is our food photography. No, this isn’t just because we get to work with unbelievably delicious food. It is simply because we love bringing the passion and creativity that goes into making the dishes, to life!

Why is food photography important?

Well, do you remember the failure of green ketchup? We certainly do. 

This was purely because consumers could not enjoy the taste due to sight conjuring up a completely contrast flavour to it’s true taste. 

Therefore, if you are a business that primarily sells food in one way or another, the visual flavours are just as important as the taste sensations. If you can convince potential customers of the intense flavours and taste before an ounce of food even enters their mouth, then your work is done!

Our photography does exactly this. It acts as a member of your sales team without you having to lift a finger. The sole purpose of food photography is to sell the flavours through the visuals. 

Do you still need a little convincing? Well, we challenge you to take a look at our food photography below, without a belly rumble, taste bud tingle or mouth dribble!

We will leave you with one question. 

Would you now like to tuck into one of these dishes? 

If yes, get in touch to find out how we can help take your business to a new level.