Wedding Weather Worries

Summer has well and truly arrived and that means one thing – wedding season is upon us! When I meet couples on the lead up to their special day, there is a certain element that seems to be a common worry for the soon-to-be newlyweds. Yes, you guessed it, the weather!

That is why it is understandable that so many couples choose to have their special day between May and September. However, it is Britain and unfortunately even if you have carefully chosen your wedding in the height of summer, the British weather loves to throw us a curveball.

wedding photography

Kim & Aaron

Kim and Aaron had their special day booked for May and I know the weather was a real worry for them and the day sadly started with a rather dark cloud. I knew that they would be really concerned about this however, something I often tell couples, and one of the main reasons for taking time out to write this blog is to let others know that an overcast weather forecast is a photographer’s dream!

outside wedding photography

As you can see from this beautiful photo, the weather allowed me to capture every single detail of this stunning setting. The bright white sky brings out the gorgeous greenery of the woodland and creates a beautiful reflection on the river. My favourite part of this image is that even though the sky is a dazzling white, Kim’s dress is still the brightest element in this photo.

outside wedding photo

When I was capturing the above image, I was so thankful for the weather that we had. The light reflected off each leaf of the trees and allowed for Kim and Aaron to be under this amazing canopy of nature and glorious light.

Planning Ahead

If your wedding weather is something you are worried about then planning with your photographer is key. Here are a few things I always consider beforehand:

BRIGHT SUN – The time of day the photos are taken are crucial on a sunny day to make sure the shadows are where I would like them and to ensure people are not squinting! If I see a sunny forecast then I will always discuss options with the couple.

OVERCAST – Well, as I have discussed, this really is my dream weather. I can shoot just about anywhere and everywhere. If the clouds have some shape and texture then they can provide a beautiful addition to the photos.

RAIN – This is a couple’s worst nightmare but there are still plenty of options. If there is a chance of rain then I always make sure there is a backup plan of photo locations and I ensure I have enough backup lighting.

WIND – Now this can be very annoying and as a woman I know how frustrating it is once you have your hair in position. I always make sure I have visited the venue ahead of the event to find sheltered spots if the wind is too overpowering.

One thing I have learnt along the way is that weddings are not made by having great weather, they are made by having great people. So, enjoy your day and let your photographer work their magic.

Please do look at my wedding portfolio and see if you can spot all the different wedding weathers I have encountered. If you are tying the knot in the next two years then do get in touch to see how I can help capture those special moments


SS x